Sensei application form

Savvy Sensei is a communication site for people around the world who are interested in Japanese food and culture. We hope that Savvy Sensei will enrich your life through Japanese food.

We are now recruiting chefs to become Sensei on Savvy Sensei.

Savvy Sensei is not just a recipe site that teaches you how to make popular Japanese dishes. As a communication site, users can post photos and videos of themselves making Japanese food, ask questions to Sensei chefs via email or online, and have potluck parties with other Japanese food lovers online or in person. We provide various ways for users to communicate with many people.

Learning how to make Japanese food through videos is one thing, and of course, it is happy and enriching to make and eat what you have learned. However, what we hope most is that through Savvy Sensei, users will meet chefs, partners (Japanese living abroad), and people around the world who are interested in Japanese food and Japanese food culture. We hope that users will take new actions on their own, learn from others, and improve themselves. We also hope that users will meet people and be happy and enriched, which will ultimately enrich their lives.

Japan is the world’s longest-lived country. It is not difficult to imagine that the food culture has a significant impact on this. Rich food that has been nurtured by the blessings of climate and land is close at hand, and the rich food culture has been formed by the preservation and cooking methods of food that have been created by the dexterity and diligent exploration of the Japanese people. The wisdom of our ancestors has been passed down and we are enjoying the benefits of our food culture.

When you live in Japan, you may not realize the value of such things as “matter of course.” However, as many as 70% of foreign visitors to Japan in recent years have come to Japan to eat Japanese food, which is why they are attracted to it. Also, as people who have lived or lived abroad can attest, the diversity of Japanese food culture and the extravagance of ingredients are noteworthy.

Such Japanese food will be presented in videos by chefs with excellent skills and knowledge, together with their personalities, with confidence and pride in the world. And please join the community called Savvy Sensei that will unite the world from there.

We are looking for chefs to teach Japanese cuisine to foreigners.

Self-recommendations and referrals are not required

We are looking for chefs who:

  1. Want to teach others how to cook their own dishes.
  2. Want to introduce Japanese cuisine to foreigners.
  3. Want to interact with foreigners who are interested in Japanese food and culture.
  4. Want to learn about foreign food culture.
  5. Want to improve themselves and broaden their horizons.
  6. Want to be stimulated by new senses (feedback from foreigners).
  7. Want to open a restaurant abroad.
  8. Want to work in a restaurant abroad.
  9. Want to know about the state of Japanese food in foreign countries.

Qualifications for chefs:

  1. Have excellent knowledge and skills in Japanese cuisine, including the dishes listed at the end.
  2. No matter how long you have been a chef.
  3. No matter how well-known your restaurant is.
  4. No matter how big or small your restaurant is.
  5. No matter where your restaurant is located.
  6. No matter your gender or age.
  7. Employees are also welcome (but the consent of the employer is required).

Conditions for participation:

  1. To teach only one specific dish (multiple dishes not allowed)
  2. Availability at the restaurant (not necessarily present at all times, but can be visited by interested individuals)
  3. The taught dish can be ordered and enjoyed at the restaurant
  4. Willingness to disclose a certain extent of the restaurant’s recipes
  5. Acceptance of foreign customers at the restaurant is acceptable
    • 1: Providing a cooking experience for tourists (one-day experience)
    • 2: Short-to-medium-term employment where the individual can cook at a certain level or master one dish completely
    • 3: Long-term employment as an apprentice, teaching everything
  6. Communication with foreign individuals
    • 1: Welcoming foreign customers to the restaurant (preparation of menus in foreign languages)
    • 2: Answering questions through email or online platforms (assistance from a partner available, fee-based)
    • 3: Participating in online parties (assistance from a partner available, fee-based)
    • 4: Attending locally organized parties
  7. Closure on the day of filming (no issues if conducted on regular closing days)
  8. Self-burden of ingredients related to the filming

List of Japanese dishes covered

Rice and rice bowlsSushi / Tempura bowl / Oyakodon / Curry rice / Soup curry / Omelet rice / Onigiri / Unagi-zushi
NoodlesRamen / Udon / Soba / Champon / Saraudon / Tsukemen / Yuzu soba
Flour productsYakisoba / Okonomiyaki / Takoyaki
Fried foodsKaraage / Tonkatsu / Tempura
Grilled foodsYakitori / Yakiniku / Genghis Khan / Gyoza
Hot potShabu-shabu / Sukiyaki / Motsunabe / Mizutaki

Sensei Application form