SavvySensei’s Concept

SavvySensei is a communication site where you can “nourish yourself and enrich your life” by interacting with people who are interested in Japanese food and culture like you!

As the world battles with an unknown virus COVID-19, many people are bound to their homes and dealing with the inconvenience of not being able to move freely. I have decided to develop this website so that it gives those people an opportunity to learn new things out of their own home. Cooking is a good use to time, as well as something you can share with your friends and loved ones. I believe cooking is soothing to the mind and I wanted to help create these opportunities for our members.  

With many depressing news and stories that are shared with us every day, I believe it is very important to look forward to the future and see tough times as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Many restaurants in Japan are now forced to shorten the business hours and are facing difficulties keeping the business open. There are many chefs with brilliant skills and techniques in Japan that are losing their jobs due to the world’s battle with this unknown virus COVID-19. I thought by creating this website, I can help these awesome chefs to show and share their skills to the world who are interested in Japanese cooking.

This website is created not just to show the people how to cook Japanese dishes but is a communication site where you can upload your photos and videos of your dishes, as well as communicate directly with your Sensei in Japan! You can even host an online potluck party with other members on the website. This is a website where you can communicate with people who are interested in Japanese dishes and cultures just like you!

You will not just learn how to cook on this website, but through SavvySensei, you will be connected to Chefs, Partners (Japanese people living abroad), and people all around the world who are interested in Japanese food and culture. By learning new things and meeting new people, not only will you feel happy and excited; You will be able to nourish yourself and enhance your life!

Japan is the world’s top country for longevity. One of the main reasons for the longevity can be referred to the traditional dishes eaten in Japan. Japan is blessed with nature and its environment, as it is able to grow and produce high quality food source on its own. And, combined with the techniques and skills of the Japanese people, we have the Japanese food culture that has been taught and kept for centuries.

When you live in Japan for a long time, we get used to the Japanese food culture and not really appreciate its greatness. But in the last few years, 70% of people that visited Japan from other countries, came just to try different kinds of Japanese dishes.

Japanese food culture goes beyond cooking as it requires many skills and techniques. These skillful Chefs are represented here at SavvySensei; be prepared to be mesmerized by their skills and techniques. Open the door to the world of Japanese cooking and indulge yourself in its culture! Welcome to SavvySensei!