SavvySensei’s Concept

“SavvySensei is a communication platform where people from all over the world who are interested in Japanese cuisine and its culture come together, with the wish to “Nourlish yourself and Enrich your life” through Japanese food.

The inspiration to develop this website came when the world was struck by an unknown pandemic, and people were forced to lead restricted lives for an extended period, resulting in an increase in free time spent at home. During such times, cooking became not only a way to pass the time but also an opportunity to learn new dishes. The dishes created, whether for oneself or to bring happiness and comfort to family and loved ones, provided a meaningful experience. We wanted to create more of such moments.

Furthermore, in the current pandemic situation, restaurants in Japan have been classified as intermediaries and have faced demands to shorten their operating hours, putting business owners in dire straits. With no way to operate their establishments, many are facing the possibility of closure and bankruptcy, and some are burdened with debt. Since restaurants operate on a fundamental business model of providing food and receiving compensation in return, without the ability to open their doors, they are left helpless. Therefore, even if in a small way, we wanted to contribute to those in need by visualizing the “Knowledge and Skills” of talented chefs through video and audio, offering it as “value” to viewers, and hoping to receive compensation in return.

Our website is not just a recipe site that teaches foreigners how to make popular Japanese dishes. As a communication platform, users can post photos and videos of themselves making Japanese food, ask questions to the Sensei (the chefs) through online, and engage with Japanese food enthusiasts from around the world through online parties or even in-person potluck parties. We aim to provide various ways for people to connect with others.

Learning to cook Japanese food through videos is one aspect, and enjoying the happiness and richness that comes from cooking and eating the dishes is essential. Moreover, through SavvySensei, we hope to facilitate encounters with chefs, partners (Japanese expatriates), and people worldwide who are interested in Japanese food and culture. We hope that users take new actions on their own, enhance themselves through learning from others, find happiness and enrichment through meeting people, and ultimately lead richer lives.

Japan is known as the world’s longest-living country, and its food culture has undoubtedly played a significant role in this achievement. Abundant ingredients nurtured by the climate and geography, combined with the Japanese people’s dexterity and diligent curiosity, have led to the development of a rich food culture. Various wisdom passed down from ancestors continues to benefit our food culture.

Living in Japan, it’s easy to take these aspects for granted and not fully appreciate their value. However, recent statistics show that nearly 70% of foreign visitors to Japan come with the primary purpose of experiencing Japanese cuisine. Those who live or have lived overseas also understand that the diversity of Japanese food culture and the luxury of its ingredients are remarkable.

SavvySensei is a platform where chefs with exceptional knowledge and skills share popular Japanese recipes through videos, alongside their personalities and pride in presenting Japanese food to the world. We invite you to join the ‘SavvySensei’ community and contribute your efforts to bringing the world together through food.