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SavvySensei is looking for partners who are interested in spreading Japanese food and culture to the world. We are looking for people of all ages, genders, professions, backgrounds, and lengths of residence. We are also looking for people who are fluent in foreign languages and live in Japan.

Partner registration is free, and you can use SavvySensei after registration!

For partners who are interested, we would like you to help us with the following matters:

  1. As an interpreter and translator:

    • Transcribe the Japanese spoken by the chefs in the videos into text using your proficient language skills.
    • Dubbing the videos in foreign languages (narration).
    • Assisting with the interpretation and translation of the chefs and users.

The above, 1 to 3, are paid activities, and you will be paid for your work.

  1. As a local resident (excluding Japan):

    • Provide information on Japanese restaurants or restaurants that serve some Japanese food in your area (register and enter in a dedicated list).
    • Provide various information on stores that sell Japanese food ingredients and cooking utensils in your area (register and enter in a dedicated list).
    • Host a Japanese food potluck party at your place (Online / In person).
    • As a Japanese food teacher, you can teach Japanese food that you have learned from SavvySensei or that you usually make.

1 and 2 are free volunteer activities, and you will provide information that is unique to you who live there. For 3, we will present you with a small amount of operating expenses as the organizer fee. For 4, you can expand your activities as your lifework or hobby, while making use of the connections you have made through SavvySensei.

In the future, SavvySensei is planning to expand its business in the following ways:

A) Coordination of foreign nationals’ full-fledged training in Japan.

B) Coordination of the creation and supervision of recipes by Japanese chefs from overseas stores (including companies).

C) Coordination of the provision of Japanese food by Japanese chefs in the local area (dispatch chef).

D) Coordination of the employment of Japanese chefs overseas.

E) Coordination of the opening of Japanese restaurants (including companies) overseas.

F) Coordination of the opening of overseas stores (including companies) in Japan.

G) Activities as an overseas certification officer in the Japanese food cooking skills certification system.

When these events occur, we would like you to participate as a partner and play an important role, and we will pay you a reward. If you are interested in any of the above, please register as a partner and participate. Please note that registration is free and you can use the SavvySensei website for free after registration.

Currently, SavvySensei is also looking for foreign users. If you think SavvySensei is good, recommendable, or worth telling others, please introduce it to them!

When a foreign user registers, please register from the bottom of the top page, Click here for a ‘FREE’ Membership Application “Join Now”. Registration for foreign users is also free!

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