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What is SavvySensei ?

SavvySensei is a communication site where people who are interested in Japanese food and culture from all over the world, can come together and enhance themselves and their lives.

This is not a “see only” website where you are given information and tips to cook. On SavvySensei, you will be able to post what you learned on this site, like pictures and videos, as well as communicate personally with your sensei online and ask questions. You will also be able to build a community to plan potluck parties and other fun activities with the members from all over the world.

The videos you see on this site will help you learn how to cook Japanese food the correct way and how it is traditionally cooked. Not only will you be able to satisfy your pallet with all the savoring dishes we have on video, but also get connected with professional cooks and people who have the same interests as you from all over the world, bringing you happiness and satisfaction, and as a result enhance your life!

Things you can do on SavvySensei

Watch the video and learn, cook, and eat with your family, friends, and your loved ones.
Like and share the video and pictures the members posted.

Post and upload your own cooking session pictures and videos.
Share your information about the local Japanese restaurants and markets you know.
Contact your Sensei by mail or online and personally learn from your own Sensei.

Plan a virtual party and have a blast with other members online.
Build a community and plan a potluck party with the members.
Go meet your Sensei in Japan and enjoy his cooking.

Meet and learn in person from your Sensei in Japan.
Take the certification of cooking skills for Japanese cuisine in foreign countries.
Buy and use the tools, ingredients, and used by Sensei.

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